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International relocation

Moving overseas? Weโ€™ll guide and support you throughout the process

Thousands of people move to the UK each year to benefit from the career opportunities available to them. The Medical sector is one area of the UK employment markets that significantly benefits from international workers, and therefore welcomes applications from foreign nations. Around 30% of medical staff in our public health system come from overseas.

Despite the high volume of people who do move to the UK, relocating across countries or continents can still be a daunting experience. At MediTalent we support you throughout the process, from your initial questions right up to your settlement in the UK. We’ll offer you advice and guidance to make the transition as smooth as possible.


We partner with various providers of IELTs or OET testing and training at reduced costs. Sometimes we are also able to find financial support for this with our clients.

If you need support or advice on language testing and training our specialist team will give you guidance when you have your interview with MediTalent.